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2020’s “People to Watch”

Each year Pulse Magazine selects up and comers in Central Massachusetts who are making an impact in the world around them. Whether in the business fields, entertainment industry or through community work, 2020’s People to Watch demonstrates the immense diversity and talent that our region has to offer.

Ed Gutierrez and Ryan Convery

Ed Gutierrez and Ryan Convery both 38, are co-founders of the Production company Fat Foot Films. Gutierrez, who resides in Auburn and Convery who lives in Lowell, started Fat Foot Films in 2001 with a group of close friends from high school. The duo, started their short films with sketch comedy similar to the “Jackass” movies. Overtime, these short films turned into a late night local access show on Sutton’s Public Access. “We are passionate about the same thing, creating something that we can all take pride in,” said Convery. Both Gutierrez and Convery are excited to have the opportunity to work with talented people throughout New England. Gutierrez and Convery have produced over three full length features and multiple award winning short films. Their latest suspense/thriller film, “Stray” won an award for Best Thriller/ Suspense from the SNOB Film Festival. “We truly believe with our skills and the talent in the New England area, we can compete with the big players in Hollywood,” said Gutierrez.


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